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Medical Care, Diagnostics, Radiology and Hospitalization

Skyway Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital, which means we are staffed and equipped to diagnose, treat, and hospitalize patients who are seriously ill or severely injured. Many patientsVeterinary Care - Skyway Animal Hospital St. Petersburg FL require multiple diagnostic procedures such as blood panel evaluations and radiographs. With a proper diagnosis, we can provide the best indicated medical and surgical care needed to return our patients to their optimum health. The administration of injectable and oral  medications, intravenous fluid administration, oxygen therapy and tube feeding may be some of the procedures required to treat some of our patients.

General Surgery

Skyway Animal Hospital in St. Petersburg provides general surgery for our patients. Such procedures include, but not limited to, neutering, spaying (ovariohysterectomy), cutaneous tumor excision and other routine soft tissue surgeries. We also have the ability to have more specialized surgeries performed at the hospital. If needed, we are also ready to refer patients to one of the veterinary specialty hospitals in the area.

Specialized and Orthopedic Surgeries

Many of these specialized surgeries are performed within Skyway Animal Hospital and are performed by Onsite Veterinary Surgical Services, Roy T Faulkner DVM. This relationship provides the best alternative to having to refer surgeries to a specialty veterinary hospital. This allows our patients to remain in their normal hospital, and also provides a less expensive option for their owners.

Prophylactic Dental Cleaning and Routine Extractions

Prophylactic dental cleaning, to remove built up plaque, is very important to us at Skyway Animal Hospital in maintaining the Dental Cleaning - Skyway Animal Hospital St. Petersburg, FLhealth of your pet. Infected gums with periodontal disease is a source for bacteria to escape into the blood stream and infect the internal organs (heart valves, liver, kidneys, etc). Through our veterinary technicians, we  can perform a thorough dental cleaning and remove the infectious plaque. Many times, when we perform this service, we also find teeth that have lost the bone around the tooth’s root and is loose. When we come across such teeth, we will extract them, and remove a potential source of systemic infection.

Preventative Health Care and Vaccinations

Skyway Animal Hospital here in St. Petersburg FL provides the needed routine vaccinations, for dogs and cats, in accordance with the latest vaccination recommendations of the veterinary profession. We can tailor the vaccination program to fit any particular needs of the patient or client.

Pet ID Services

Skyway Animal Hospital provides, and strongly recommend, Pet Micro-chipping for pet identification. We have seen Avid Microchip - Skyway Animal Hospital St. Petersburg, FLmany lost cats and dogs, that haven’t been micro-chipped, being taken to either the SPCA of Pinellas or Pinellas Animal Services. Along with most veterinary clinics, these organizations routinely check for the presence of a microchip. We know that losing a beloved member of the family can be very traumatic to the entire family, especially when you don’t know what has happened.


Skyway Animal Hospital has a large boarding facility to accommodate cats and all sizes of dogs for the St. Petersburg area.

We will feed a special commercial diet at request.We feed our guests twice daily and Kennel - Skyway Animal Hospital St. Petersburg FLprovide a minimum of three daily walks in our large exercise pen (59 feet x 41 feet).

We also encourage our clients to bring something from home which will make your pet more comfortable during their stay (special blankets, toys, etc.)

We do recommend making a reservation for boarding, especially for holidays. For your pet’s protection, we do require that all vaccinations be up-to-date.

We can also provide veterinary care (such as a defleaing, deworming, medications, etc.) while your pet is with us.


Veterinarian: Dr. William C. Slocumb
3258 5th Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 33712
(727) 327-5141

Member: American Veterinary Medical Association
Member: Pinellas County Veterinary Medical Society

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