Due to the ever-changing circumstances surrounding COVID-19, Skyway Animal Hospital has initiated some new procedures to help protect our clients and staff. We want you to be aware of the changes that were recently put in place regarding the care and treatment of our patients….

  • We strongly encourage you to call and make an appointment for your pet to be seen, at your convenience. Of course, we will still see all emergencies and will not turn away any patient or “walk-in.” Appointments just allow us to better plan the day since we cannot see as many patients at one time as we did before.
  • When you arrive for your pet’s appointment, please remain in your vehicle and call our front desk at (727) 327-5141 to let us know you have arrived. We will then let you know approximately what time we will be ready to receive your pet, in case we are running a few minutes behind.
  • You will receive a call from Skyway when it is time for us to collect your pet and ask that you meet us at our back door, which is under the covered parking spaces in the main parking lot. You will be greeted at the back door by a staff member who will be wearing gloves and a mask. Here you will discuss the reason for your visit and any other procedural details and/or questions you may have and we will then take your pet to an exam room to be seen by the veterinarian. You are welcome to wait outside under the covered parking area, or go back to your car to wait.
  • We will call you with any questions and/or to go over any medical or treatment plans before we do anything. We will always make sure you are fully aware of the care we are providing your pet before any action or treatment is taken.
  • Once we have completed the physical examination of your pet, we will call you and let you know to come and retrieve your pet at the back door. You will then be transferred to the front desk to give credit card payment over the phone. Should you prefer to pay in cash, please let us know so we can bring your correct change out to you at your vehicle.
  • If you only need to pick up meds or prescription food, please call us at (727) 327-5141 and let us know what you need. Once you arrive for pickup, give us another call and we will bring these items out to your car and collect payment.
  • We still have plenty of room in our boarding facility, should you need to board your pet.
  • We also currently still have full access to all of the meds, supplies, and tests that we have always had to care for your pet. We are low on masks, of course, but have enough for our staff.

We ask for your patience and appreciate your understanding during this very challenging time. All of us at Skyway Animal Hospital value the health and safety of our clients and staff and appreciate your willingness to comply with the social distancing and minimal contact recommendations.

Thank you,

The Doctors and Staff of Skyway Animal Hospital, Inc.