At Skyway Animal Hospital Inc., St. Petersburg FL, we believe that preventive veterinary medicine is the key to a healthy pet. Annual wellness examinations and pet vaccinations for your dog or cat are the most important steps in your pet’s veterinary health care program.


Puppy vaccinations should begin at 6-8 weeks of age.

Dogs should be vaccinated against:

  1. Canine Distemper
  2. Hepatitis
  3. Leptospirosis
  4. Parainfluenza
  5. Parvovirus
  6. Coronavirus (CV)
  7. Rabies (RV)


Other common vaccinations include:

  1. Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  2. Lymes Disease (transmitted by ticks)
  3. Canine Influenza


Dogs should also be on a Heartworm Preventative and have a Physical Examination yearly.

Kitten vaccinations begin at 8-10 weeks of age.

Cats should be vaccinated against:

  1. Panleukopenia (FVRC-P) – commonly called Feline Distemper
    2. Rhinotracheitis and Calicivirus – upper respiratory diseases
    3. Feline Leukemia (FeLV)
    4. Rabies (RV)

Optional vaccination:

FIP – Feline Infectious Peritonitis

Surgical neutering-spaying, of dogs and cats, should be performed anytime after they receive their initial vaccinations and up to six months of age.

Dental care is also important. Because of periodontal disease, your pet can have bacteria entering the blood stream from the mouth, and infect other organs, especially the heart, liver and kidneys.

Early detection of certain an aging diseases by a general blood screening profile is also recommended for the older pets (over eight years of age). This is an important step in early detection of certain aging diseases.

Veterinary medicine has made great strides in recent years. With the aid of qualified and conscientious health care professionals, pets are now enjoying longer and more trouble-free lives.

We look forward to helping you enjoy the happiness that a healthy pet can provide.